Anxiety Attacks: What Do I Do Now?

by Sheila M

If you’ve been chased by the symptoms of anxiety attacks for long enough and in desperate need for a real cure then this will be one of the most important77005984 300x300 Anxiety Attacks: What Do I Do Now? reads of your life.

Want to know what most people use for years on end to treat anxiety attacks?  And this is what keeps them going on this perpetual treadmill of impending doom, gloom, and fear that keeps them on the verge of feeling helpless.

The one transforming mindset and behavior that you can adopt is to stop searching for coping techniques or band aid remedies that don’t totally cure or solve the problem 100%.

Most general or acute anxiety sufferers seem to accept that their hope lies within the next coping mecahnism, tricks, game, or beta blocker that offers more side effects than relief.   Coping on a very deep level is you simply agreeing that the environment, individual(s), or bodily sensation is in control of you and the best you can simply do is ‘deal with it’?

In this brief post I want to challenge you to do better than that.  Don’t accept or surrender to anything or anyone to exercise its control over you.

Replace any anxiety attack coping idea  with a new resolve to get total anxiety attack relief, 100%!  It is possible and has been overcome by millions of anxiety sufferers who have simply decided it was time to stop panic attacks.   Notice that I said “Stop panic attacks” not “Stop your panic attacks” .   The difference is slight yet monumental.  Any outside influence that you have learned to accept and label is not you nor should it have any part of you.

So, let go of reading about anxiety causes, symptoms, medications, tragic stories for good.  What you focus on will only grow stronger.

Right now decide to address the fact that you are no longer willing to cope any more.  What has coping done for you thus far?  If you continue coping are you going to get any freedom in the future?

Deciding to be cured is simple to think about but accepting it will be huge.  You’ll feel it.  And for the first time enable you to ask the best question:

“Now, How Can I Cure Anxiety Attacks?”

Make that your goal and focus in on getting that question answered without surrendering to anxiety symptom medications, band-aids, antidepressants, etc.  Do this and you will resurrect almost instantaneously a new level of confidence that will propel you to a new way of thinking and life style.

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