Best Anxiety Relief Herbs for 2012

by Sheila M

Some of the best natural anxiety relief herbs can be found through the use of legal and non-prescription herbal pills or teas.  I say legal because Cannabis83113496 Best Anxiety Relief Herbs for 2012 Sativa or Marijuana is unsafe and an illegal ‘anxiety relief herb’  in most states.  Marijuana may help you feel  ‘stress free’ but in end the you will soon find yourself with a whole new set of problems.

I’m not trying to sell any of these herbs.  But these are some of the best natural agents you can use to get yourself in a relaxed state.

You will want to see how your body responds by going easy with any of these herb based medicines in the beginning.  Once you gauge your overall feeling and identify any side effects (if any) you can add more or less as you see fit.

Anxiety Relief Herb #1:  Chamomile

As a naturally occurring relaxant Chamomile is a mild smelling flower often used in teas.  This herb works!   It’s safe enough for pregnant or nursing women and often used for for ‘colicky’ infants.  Chamomile anxiety relief research reveals that Chamomile helps calm, soothe and naturally relieve symptoms of general anxiety disorder, as well as mental stress, pain, headaches, insomnia, and upset stomach.  It is often used in conjunction with Valerian.

Recommended Dosage:  Adults can drink tea made from up to 1 oz. or 2-3 grams of dried chamomile up to four times daily.  Don’t take Chamomile if you’re allergic to ragweed.

Anxiety Relief Herb #2:  St. John’s Wort

This perennial herb has been used in many cultures for thousands of years due to its natural relief it gives to those who suffer from panic, anxiety, depression and mood disorders.  This isn’t an instant fix as this remedy can take about 4 to 6 weeks to take effect.

Currently scientists aren’t exactly sure what active compounds are responsible for its depression and general anxiety relief so it not necessary to buy St. Johns Wort extract.  Instead the entire herb should work fine.  For acute anxiety relief some people use St. Johns Wort in conjunction with Valerian root.

Recommended Dosage:  300 mg three times daily.  You don’t want to take this along side of any prescription medication.   Side effects are mild and sometimes include sensitivity to outdoor light.

Anxiety Relief Herb #3:  Ginseng

This root is unbelievable.  Beyond anxiety treatment really has a wide range of benefits that most are clueless about.  In traditional Chinese medicine the ginseng root primarily Siberian Ginsing is used as a natural anxiety relief herb.  But studies have also proven that Siberian Ginseng helps users adapt better to stressful or intense situations.

Ginseng also promotes weight loss, increased energy and endurance.  American ginseng us used to help stave off the signs of aging.  The ginseng root is one of the most widely utilized herbal supplements on the market.

Recommended Dosage:  When used as an anti stress or anti anxiety agent 200-500 mg daily of ginseng extract is recommended and can be taken for long durations.

Anxiety Relief Herb #4:  Kava Kava Kava plant used as an anxiety relief herb Best Anxiety Relief Herbs for 2012

The Latin translation of this herb is “intoxicating pepper”.  The roots of this plant have been used to formulate a sedative type of drink.  It’s a safe herb to relieve anxiety without disrupting your mental clarity.

Recommended Dosage:  Doctors recommend not exceeding 250 mg within a 24 hour period.  It also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or people with liver disease.

Anxiety Relief Herb #5:  Valerian

Valerian root has been a proven anxiety relief herb and often taken as a sedative.  It is especially helpful for treating insomnia, pain and preventing panic attacks after going to bed at night.

Recommended dosage:   Use valerian in the beginning at 150 mg with a gradual increase up to 500 mg.  For intense anxiety you can add 1 drop of valerian oil to hot bath water for quick relief.

You can try anxiety treatment herbal formulas that also combine specific herbs that promote weight loss simultaneously.

As with any herbal relief foods or herbs consult your primary physician for advice and dosage recommendations.

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